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DIY Bottle Cap Keychains: Cute + Easy Craft for Kids!

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DIY Bottle Cap Keychains: Cute + Easy Craft for Kids!

By Kristine  |  This post may contain affiliate links.

Here's a quick and easy tutorial that shows you how to make super cute DIY bottle cap keychains!

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A few months ago, my kids and I made some bottle cap keychains as birthday gifts for their grandmothers, whose birthdays are only one day apart.

These DIY bottle cap keychains were super simple to make and turned out really cute! It was a lot of fun watching the kids create their own special designs and turn them into keychains.

This is a quick and easy craft that will appeal to kids of multiple ages. My kids range from age 3 up to age 9, and every single one of them thoroughly enjoyed this activity.

Supplies Needed for This Project:


The expense for this project is very minimal, especially considering that you’ll be able to make dozens of bottle cap keychains to give as gifts and even keep some for yourself.

This craft project is even more affordable if you have some of these supplies on hand already, like we did.

As an added bonus, you’ll likely have lots of materials left over to make these again, as in our case.

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5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own DIY Bottle Cap Keychains:

1. Punch out the circles!


Using the round circle cutter, punch out several 1-inch circles. Make more than you think you’ll need to give your kids plenty of opportunities to create, and also to account for any mistakes.

2. Color, design, and decorate!


Here comes the fun part!

Hand out a few blank circles to each of your kids. Let them draw on the circles (one side only, of course) with whatever design they choose.

My kids drew things like hearts, rainbows, flowers, people, robots, and even wrote things like their name or a message (for example, they wrote “I love you, Nana!” and “I love you, Grandma!” for the keychains they planned on giving to their grandmothers).

Bonus tip – Since the circles are so tiny, I recommend placing them on a scrap piece of paper before letting the kids draw on them. Our white homeschool table easily washes up due to the type of material it is, but I didn’t want to take any chances with the colored Sharpies the kids were using for this project. Make sure you protect whatever surface you are working on!

3. Apply clear epoxy stickers


Take a decorated paper circle, and carefully place one of the round clear epoxy stickers directly over the circle. Avoid touching the adhesive part of the clear sticker as this will cause fingerprints to show through once the image is placed. Press firmly to smooth out any air bubbles.

4. Glue image to bottle caps


Grab a flattened bottle cap and apply a small dot of glue onto the recessed surface. Gently but firmly press the paper circle with the clear epoxy sticker onto the flattened bottle cap. Allow the glue to dry for a few hours before handling and proceeding to the next step.

5. Assemble bottle cap keychains

Almost done! You just need the finishing touch — turning your kids’ artwork into bottle cap keychains.


Once the glue has completely dried, attach the completed flattened bottle cap onto a keychain ring (keychain ring not pictured here). And there you go! A cute little bottle cap keychain all finished and ready for gifting!

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