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Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day Card Craft for Kids (with FREE printable!)

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Here’s my complete tutorial showing you how to make a super cute thumbprint Valentine’s Day card craft!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d share these adorable Valentine’s Day cards the kids and I made the other day.

These were very simple to make, using finger paints and thumbprints as the main idea behind this craft.

The kids had so much fun creating their little “thumb people” on each of their Valentine’s Day cards, and boy, did these cards come out so cute!

My kids loved this project so much that they decided to make several thumbprint cards — some for their grandparents, some for their aunts and uncles, and some for their cousins. These really are the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for just about anyone!

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Supplies Needed For This Valentine’s Day Card Craft:

Smart Living Mama Valentine's Day Thumbprint Cards - Supplies

This is a very inexpensive project. In fact, you may have many or even all of these supplies on hand already. Here is what we used:

Make Your Own Unique Valentine’s Day Thumbprint Cards

Let me show you the 5 easy steps it takes to make these super cute Valentine’s Day cards.

Step 1: Print & Cut The Card Template

Grab a free copy of my Valentine’s Day cards that include the “thumb-body” Valentine greeting.

Print on white cardstock and cut along the vertical and horizontal cut lines provided for you. Also cut around the edges of each card, as shown.

Smart Living Mama Cutting Card Template with Paper Cutter

A paper cutter like this one or this one will make this project much easier and will give a nicer cut line to the edges of each card. Alternatively, scissors would work just fine, too.

You should now have four Valentine’s Day cards cut out and ready for the next step.

Smart Living Mama - Four cut out cards placed on top of paper cutter

Step 2: Place The Thumbprints

Put a small (about the size of a quarter) amount of washable finger paint on a small tray, paper plate, or piece of cardstock (I used a clean lid from a sour cream container).

Have your child place his or her thumb down into the finger paint. Make sure the thumb is covered well by the paint, but not gloppy.

Smart Living Mama - Placing finger into fingerpaint

Help your child place his or her thumb straight down onto the card, and then straight back up so as not to smudge the print. Little ones may need Mom or Dad’s help with this step!

Smart Living Mama - Placing painted thumb onto card

Repeat this step as many times as you want, creating as many little “thumb people” as you’d like!

For our project, each of my kids chose to make four thumbprints (four thumbprints seem to be what will fit best on each card).

Smart Living Mama - placing last thumbprint on card

Let each thumbprint dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Tip: If there are any gloppy parts to any of the thumbprints, you can carefully blot those areas with a tissue or small piece of paper towel to help lift the excess paint and aid in drying time. Just be careful to not smudge the prints!

Step 3: Add The Wiggle Eyes

Once the thumbprints are completely dry, you can start adding the cute little wiggle eyes!

Smart Living Mama - Placing self adhesive wiggle eye on card

These may be a bit difficult for tiny hands to work with, so you may need to help little ones place the wiggle eyes on the card’s “thumb people.”

My kids seemed to do fine with the wiggle eyes on their own, with the exception of my 4-year-old (she mostly needed help getting the wiggle eyes off the plastic sheet).

Smart Living Mama - Peeling wiggle eyes off adhesive sheet

Let your kids place the wiggle eyes however they want to on their “thumb people!”

Closer together, farther apart, higher, lower, uneven…let them be creative! No two “thumb people” will be alike!

Smart Living Mama - All adhesive wiggle eyes are placed on card

Step 4: Draw Arms & Legs

Here is another way your children’s creativity can shine through – in adding the arms and legs to their “thumb people!”

Give your child a black fine-tip pen or marker and let them draw arms and legs on each of the thumbprints. Again, little ones might need help with this step.

Smart Living Mama - drawing legs on thumbprints
Smart Living Mama - drawing arms on thumbprints

Tip: Since the little “thumb people” were so close together on our Valentine’s Day cards, I told my kids to try drawing some arms going up and some arms going down, so that there would be more room for all the arms. This worked well!

Step 5: Fill Out the “To” and “From”

Let your children choose who they want to send their very special Valentine’s Day cards to and let them write the recipients’ names in the “TO” field.

Then, have them write their own name in the “FROM” field – and they’re done!

Smart Living Mama - writing recipient name on card

(Mom or Dad can, of course, help the little ones with the writing part.)

And That’s It!

You’re done! Five easy steps to cute “thumb” people cards with a very special Valentine’s Day message to a lucky recipient: “Thumb-body” Loves Them!

Smart Living Mama - Finished Valentine's Day Cards

These cards turned out so adorable, and I especially love how each one is so different from the others – very unique!

My kids loved working on this Valentine’s Day card craft, and I bet yours would, too!

Don’t forget to download your FREE card template below to get started on your thumbprint card project for Valentine’s Day!

If you like this project, please click on the share buttons below to share with your friends!

And if you attempt to make your own Valentine’s Day thumbprint cards, tell me about your results in the comments below! I’d love to know how it went!

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