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12 Spring Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser

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12 Spring Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser

By Kristine  |  This post may contain affiliate links.

Here are my favorite spring essential oil blends for your diffuser!

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Spring is in the air!

The temperature is still a bit chilly where we live, but I can smell the fresh, crisp air turning from winter into springtime. Warmer weather and blossoming buds are right around the corner — I can just feel it!

To add to my spring fever, I’ve been diffusing some of the most beautifully-scented spring essential oil blends in our diffusers. They uplift my mood and smell so freshly of springtime!

I prefer to diffuse essential oils rather than burning synthetic fragrances in candles or using air fresheners. If you do, too, and would like to make your home smell just like spring, then you’ll love this list of spring essential oil blends I’ve put together for you!

Essential Oil Diffusers

If you’ve spent any time with me here on the blog, you already know just how much we love essential oils! We have several essential oil diffusers in our home. Our favorites are: here, here, and here.

I definitely love my essential oil diffusers and love to have several in different areas of my home!

My Favorite Essential Oil Brands

I talk a lot about my favorite essential oil brands in this post, but just to recap here, my number one favorite essential oil brand is Plant Therapy. I also really love Edens GardenRocky Mountain OilsAura Cacia, and Mountain Rose Herbs. I trust the quality of these brands, and I appreciate that they all advocate for safe essential oil use (especially with kids).

My Top 12 Spring Essential Oil Blends

So here are my favorite spring essential oil blends for your diffuser! I hope they bring a little happiness and springtime into your home as they’ve done for mine! Enjoy!

1. Spring Day

2. April Showers

3. May Flowers

4. Fresh Air

5. Spring Blossoms

6. Morning Sunshine

7. Clean Laundry

8. Spring Cleaning

9. Easter Morning

10. Jelly Beans

11. Garden Zest

12. Fresh Meadows

So there you have it!

I hope you’ve found a favorite blend from the suggestions above! Make sure to pin this post and save these springtime essential oil blends!

*Safety Reminder: Not all essential oils are safe for all ages. Some essential oils are not considered safe for children under 2 years of age, and some oils (such as eucalyptus) should not be diffused near or applied on children under 6 years old. Click here for more information. Never apply essential oils directly onto skin unless they are properly diluted in a carrier oil and patch tested on a small, inconspicuous area of the skin before use. Essential oils should never be ingested without the direction and supervision of a certified clinical aromatherapist. Fantastic information regarding safe essential oil use can be found here and here.

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